Tess Henley

Ever since I heard her song “Easy to Love” back in 2011 i became a fan and been following her ever since! An American Singer-Songwriter with a clear and soulful
voice providing you joy and warmth in every line.

Easy to Love” together with “Pompi’s Song” and “What won’t you do for love (feat. Mycle Wastman)” make up the highlights of the album named after the first song!

High heels & Sneakers followed, and in my opinions is the album which has the grooviest tunes. “Heartless Queen“, “From the get go” and “Daydreaming” being my favorites although “Who are you?” got the most hype for that album.

Wonderland EP being the last released brings my favorite tune “Boomerang” alongside with “Wonderland” and “Positively me“, worth your while.

As an honrable mention i should advise you to take a look at this cover feat. Melissa Polinar of the great song by Eric Clapton, Change the world.

Discography: The Appetizer EP | Easy to Love | High Heels & Sneakers | Wonderland EP


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