Emily King

Grammy-Nominated, American singer-songwriter Emily King started her musical career  back in 2004 and three years later in 2007 her debut album East Side Story was released and got nominated for Best Contemporary R&B album.

After opening for big venues of artists like John Legend, Alicia Keys, and Chaka Khan she then parted with the record label in 2008. In 2011 she released the EP entitled “Seven” that was recorded in her home. In this album you see a cultured songwriter and a more sophisticated sound sprinkled with her velvet voice. My favorites for this album would be “Down“, “No more room” and “Radio“.

Last years summer was the stage for the release of her newest album “The Switch“, her best work so far imho. It takes the line of seven with some well placed vocal harmonies and good composition. “Distance” is without a doubt the stand out point of a very well balanced record.

Here’s also a live session from Emily King on Audiotree.

Honrable mention goes to a duet with India Arie.

Discography: East Side Story | Seven | The Switch


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