Jacob Collier

If you don’t know this name by now… we need to talk! A YouTube sensation and prodigious multi-instrumentalist based in London described by Herbie and Quincy as the “new music genious”. If that alone isn’t enough to get you interested what is?!

He sings, arranges, plays and a wide range of instruments and you can all of that action on his YouTube Channel.

He recently released his debut album called “In my room” and it’s definitly a must have.

Was his cover/arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s – Don’t you worry ’bout a thing that brought him to the limelight with over 1 Million views. See the video here!

For sure not the typical youtube covers videos that we are used to see. The split screen videos, crazy-good vocal harmonies and amazing arrangements make up for a audio-visual experience like no other.

To fund his album he went creative and did vocal harmonies of videos sent by those who pledged in his musical campaign. You can find all those videos on twitter with hashtag #iHarmU or see the compilations on his YouTube Channel.

Now i Leave you with my favorite music from the album. Enjoy

Discography: In My Room



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