Snarky Puppy

Well… it took me a while to write this post. I wanted to be just right for this two-time Grammy award winning band, Snarky Puppy. They are everything you can wish for. Classical, Funk, Jazz, Fusion, Afro you name it they have it. Described as Jazz-fusion would just categorize them as great music or how Michael League puts it “music for the brain and the booty”. Rich and dense textures combined with soulful melodies with great note choice make up a mixture you can’t look away!

The frontman Michael League is backed up by other equaly talented artists you might know such as: Cory Henry (the magician behind Lingus‘ solo), Shaun Martin, Bill Laurance, Larnell Lewis, Mark Lettieri and many other. Around 40 musicians make up the hole group.

This group of friends started in Danton Texas and after 10+ of existence they are now based in New York and touring the world performing and promoting master classes. With 11 albums edited this is a band you don’t want to miss out.

Instrumental albums:

Featuring Singers:

I would like to single out the video recording of full-album perfomances of: groundUPWe Like it Here – Family Dinner Volume 1 and Volume 2 . The link will direct you to the specific performance.

Some say this is music for musicians. It truly is but i’m sure you can find something for everybody!

Discography: The Only Constant The World is Getting Smaller | Bring Us the Bright | Tell Your Friends | groundUP | Amkeni w/ Bukuru Celestin | We Like it Here | Sylva | Culcha Vulcha | Family Dinner – Volume 1 | Family Dinner – Volume 2


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